It may be tough to believe but I have been infatuated with studying in Germany for as long as I can remember. Ever since a young age, it has been a dream of mine to step foot in the world of Mechanical Engineering. As the years go by and after countless research, I felt that Germany can undoubtedly provide that exact opportunity. Thanks to a close friend of mine, I was introduced to the one man that is able to open a big gate to Germany for me. His name is Ahmad Azlan Azmi. Mr Azlan has done an extremely great job in enlightening me about the various opportunities and challenges that await me on my road to Germany. His enthusiasm and commitment piqued my interests and ever since then, Engineering in Germany is all I ever think about.
Under StudyGermany, I have successfully managed to complete the first 3 levels of German (A1, A2 and B1) thanks to the great educators that put their effort to do their utmost best in teaching me German. Due to this, I am able to speak, read and write in German with great amount of knowledge and confidence. Moreover, Mr. Azlan has informed of the many criteria required for me to fulfill to ease my path to Germany such as visa application, study programs and university applications. It’s as if I am always kept in the light to ensure my road to Germany remains a bright and clear journey.
I look forward to opportunities and challenges that await me in Germany.
With great guidance from individuals such as Mr. Azlan and StudyGermany’s educators, I am confident that I will never lose my way towards completing the German language thus bringing closer the prospect of Mechanical Engineering to me.

As a student who failed his a levels i was desperately looking for any other way to get a chance to realize my dream to study in Germany .That dream was realized by non other then Mr. Azlan(no not the lion from Narnia). Study Germany provided me a second chance to get into the German higher education systems. Study Germany trained me so that i would be ready when i continue my studies in Germany. Not only that if you are really interested in furthering studies in Germany but do not have the slightest idea of how to accomplish it , then Study Germany is your best option as it not only provides various types of program to get you into a German University or an Applied Science University (yes there two main types of universities in Germany not to forget the other types which are not considered the main) the program also helps you to find your own way through your bachelors program depending on which course you like. Mr Azlan guidenes really helped me a lot . I also got to learn about more things like how the education system works in Germany and also how to fit into a new system. This kind of information really hard to come by ,but with Mr. Azlan to back you up you have no need to be worried. So i started to study my German at the Study Germany centre. It’s a nice cozy environment to learn how to read, write and speak the German Language properly. The German teachers that Mr. Azlan provides are excellent in teaching German. By joining the centre, day by day i was getting Germanized, which is very important if you are going to further your studies in Germany. So to wrap it all up and tie it with a bow, Study Germany provides opportunities which a not so easy to get and with a person like Mr. Azlan by your side it is safe to say that your future is secured (that’s if you do not slack off in your studies…..).

It has always been a dream of mine to study abroad. I have always find the thought of it enticing. After my diploma, I was searching for where I should continue my studies. To be honest, Germany never came to mind because I was not confident with the thought of having to adapt in a country that speaks a language that is totally foreign to me. Regardless, that did not hold me back from looking for study opportunities and with the help of my parents, we have contacted Mr. Azlan to set an appointment. Little did I know that three months later I will be in his class starting my A1 language level. Great things do come unexpected, and my Deutsch learning experience is certainly one of it. He guided us through the whole process; the learning, Visa application and also the final preparation before sending us off to Germany. Classes were tons of fun and great for beginners. Once you start learning, you will, without a doubt, love the language. I am currently in B2 level and already in Deutschland. I still have a long way to go, but I will whole-heartedly say that I am glad that I took my first steps here.

After I completed my 3 years diploma at UiTM, I started to learn Deutsch with a home-tutor. At that time, it was hard for me to catch up the beauty of the language because I lack of communication and learning hours.

Thank God, after I met Sir Azlan and joined his intensive Deutsch course, I regained my confident and my interest to study in Germany. His team helped me a lot started from the beginning of A1-B1 level, the visa and blocked account application, Uni-Assist and others. Without the right procedures and documents, the visa application will take longer than expected.

Upon my arrival in Germany, he also guided me how to get Halal food, train tickets and all that. I personally recommend StudyGermany program for those who are interested to study in Germany.

Guten Tag. That was the first German word that I ever learned. My journey of being a German language master is far from over. But despite that, the experience that I have had with Mr. Azlan and the other language teachers has been a very beautiful one. My taught from an expert has given me the confidence to face my everyday life of being student here in Germany.
Everyday communications in the class, at the post office or even on the street has been very easy because of Mr. Azlan.

I am currently learning B1+ Part 2 in IIK Düsseldorf with the hope of improving my German even more in order to be acclimated in the German society and to make sure my time in Germany is worth while. Mr. Azlan had tirelessly helped us a lot inside classroom, outside of the classroom, answering our questions on Germany, and had been seriously involved in every step of the way in order to help us realise the dream of furthering our studies in Germany. Vielen Dank. 

It has been my dream to come and learn in Germany. I tried my best but there were many obstacles along the way. I ended up under Mr. Azlan’s program and everything was breeze. He helped me with my bank, visa, IIK and etc.
Under his program the doors to Germany opened and as soon as I was here I had more help with IIK because I was under Mr. Azlan’s program.

In IIK everything was fantastic. The teachers are very effective and makes learning fun. I had a lot of help from the teachers and the people from IIK.

So far in the freshman program I find the teachers very helpful and I believe it teaches you how to cope later on during university. I believe this is the foundation before going into university.